52 Weeks Marketing

The home care marketing toolbox—a complete referral generating marketing system.

Website: https://52weeksmarketingllc.com


  • sales@52weeksmarketingllc.com
  • 1-629-256-6529


  • Marketing Toolbox | Bronze, Silver, Gold Plans
    • 52 weeks of personalized printed materials that result in welcomed weekly face-to-face meetings with referrers. 
  • Marketing Webinars | Bronze, Silver, Gold Plans 
    • A monthly webinar and messaging sheet with information to share and questions to ask that promote leads.
  • Program Setup | Bronze, Silver, Gold Plans
  • Weekly Blog Blasts | Silver, Gold Plans
    • The weekly personalized blog blast displays your marketer’s photo, the marketing tool for that week, and a relevant accompanying message. 

      Your Weekly Blog Blast builds relationships, credibility, and trust with current and potential clients.

  • CRM Software | Gold Plans
    • A fully integrated sales report so you can manage your marketers and make them accountable for their daily, weekly, and monthly sales results.  

      Your marketer(s) can upload the addresses of their targets and the software creates their daily and weekly sales route.