Addressing errors in payroll

What to do if you receive an error and how to address them

Payroll Error Statuses

When processing payroll, it should go through 3 statuses.


However, you may see some errors when reviewing payroll. Here is what to do if you come across them.


Once the approval deadline has passed, the upcoming payroll will move to the Historical Payrolls section and be listed as Missed. It will no longer be possible to make the original pay day, however you can click Create Off-Cycle to create an off-cycle payroll.


After approving and submitting payroll, if there are insufficient funds in the bank account that fund payroll, it will be listed as Failed. If this occurs, get in contact with as soon as possible to notify Careswitch. You'll have the option to either wire the funds to ensure employees are paid on the original pay day or attempt to re-debit where employees will be paid late.

Partially Paid

After approving and submitting payroll, if one or more employees were not paid in full, it will be listed as Partially Paid. This could be due to a potential issue with the employee's bank account. You can either write the employee a check for the amount to be paid or contact for further assistance.

Employee Error Statuses

When reviewing and approving payroll, an employee can be in five possible statuses.


If an employee has not completed onboarding by entering their Social Security number, tax withholdings, and bank account, they will be listed as Blocked. In order to include the wages for this employee in this payroll, this information will need to be submitted. Click the  button in the upper right-hand side to resend an onboarding email to the employee or manually onboard the employee on their behalf.

Note: If any employees are in a Blocked status, payroll cannot be processed. They must be in a Completed status in order for their wages to be included and for payroll to be submitted.

Needs Attention

If an employee has an item that needs addressing, such as an issue with their bank account, they will be listed as Needs Attention. Send the onboarding email to the employee to get the item addressed or contact for assistance with the matter.

Note: If any employees are in a Needs Attention status, payroll cannot be processed. If the status is due to a bank validation issue, this will need to be remedied before payroll can be submitted.


If there are any issues dispersing funds to an employee, such as an issue with their bank account, they will be listed in the payroll as Failed. If this occurs, contact to retry the payment for the employee.

Partially Paid

If an employee had any unapproved wages after approving and submitting payroll, they will be listed as Partially Paid. If this was intentional, you can disregard this status. If this needs to be remedied, contact