Assigning caregivers

Choosing a caregiver and setting the shift's pay rate

When you create a shift, it is added to the All Shifts view with the status Needs Caregiver. Shifts that have this status have not been assigned to a caregiver yet. To assign a caregiver, find the shift and click Assign Caregiver.

Note: You can assign multiple shifts at once.

Caregiver Selection

When assigning the caregiver, you can search and sort all employees. Employees can be sorted by most recently visited, most frequently visited and by distance to the client's location.

Caregiver Past Visits

To assist in caregiver selection, each employee has a number of different attributes displayed. Last Visit and Previous Visits are good indicators of how familiar that caregiver is with the client and how often they've worked with them in the past.

Preferred Caregivers

Each client profile has a Caregivers view where you can create a list of preferred caregivers and excluded caregivers. While scheduling, the list of caregivers will show which caregivers are preferred, and the caregivers who are excluded for this client will not show up in this list.

Distance To Shift

If an address is added to an employee's profile then the distance to the client's location is displayed.


If an employee is already scheduled or is unavailable anytime during the shift's duration, the conflicts will be listed.

Workweek Hours

Finally, the number of hours the employee is currently scheduled for and the number of hours the employee would be scheduled for if assigned are shown to help avoid any overtime incurred during the pay period.

Pay Rate

After selecting a caregiver to assign, you'll be given the option to apply a pay rate for any hours worked by a caregiver during the shift. This pay rate is used to calculate how much a caregiver is owed for their time when processing payroll.