Chatting in public and private channels

Using channels for group messages and private messages

Users with Office Staff and greater permissions can create channels, join channels, add members to channels, and start private channels with any active employee in your organization. Caregivers can only participate in channels.

Internal Channels

Channels can be created for topic-based conversations. For example, you might want an “Open Shifts” channel for any open shifts you want to communicate.

Careswitch has two options for team chat: Premium and Basic.


Any Careswitch user has access to basic direct messaging in Careswitch, which includes one-to-one and group messages, and is fully HIPAA-compliant.


All Careswitch accounts are granted a free 45-day trial of Premium Chat, which is just $1/active user after the trial and includes additional features like: 

  • Custom private channels where only admins can add and remove members 
  • Custom public channels that anyone can join or leave 
  • Broadcast channels, where admin can send read-only messages to the entire channel Admin can delete messages from group chats 


These advanced features are useful for private administrator discussions, client-specific communications between a limited group, and sending shift notifications and announcements.

Note: It’s also important to remember that using HIPAA-compliant chat over text will save you from a world of hurt in the case of any kind of audit. If at any point someone uses a client’s first name in a text, for instance, it can lead to a fine of thousands of dollars.