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Configuring Payroll Settings

Setting up and configuring your pay schedule, entering travel and reimbursable mileage rates, and upgrading to full-service payroll

After creating your account, click Payroll to complete your payroll onboarding.

In Step 1, select your TimezonePay Frequency, and First Payday. We recommend starting out with a biweekly pay frequency. After successfully running payroll for a few payroll periods, you can choose to move to weekly afterwards. However, you can choose to initially start at a weekly pay frequency as well.

Next, enter your Travel Pay Rate and Reimbursable Mileage Rate. Note that if you enter a number that is lower than the default rate, you'll be notified if you are entering values that would be below federal minimum wage.

In Step 2, you'll review your first four pay periods based on the date you previously selected. For each specific pay period, there will be an associated approval deadline to make the related payday. Once you have finished reviewing, click Confirm.

In Step 3, select your plan. Click Enable Full Service Payroll to have Careswitch handle all your direct deposits, payroll taxes, W2s, and 1099s.

Curious of the cost? Click Estimate Monthly Bill to be brought to our pricing calculator. 

Otherwise, click Use Timesheets Only. Note that you will be able to export your payroll data in a CSV file and will be responsible for calculating your taxes and processing payroll outside of Careswitch.