Configuring travel time and mileage reimbursements

Travel pay rates and caregiver mileage rates that get used in payroll and reimbursement totals

Business admins have the ability to set a default travel pay rate and a default reimbursable mileage rate.

Travel Time

Travel time can be collected as caregivers clock-in, if enabled in Settings under Care Notes. Just like other care note fields, you can request corrections to travel time if something doesn't look right, and all edits to recorded travel time need to be approved before becoming the official value on care notes.


Travel Pay Rates

You can set the default travel pay rate in Settings under Payroll so payroll and overtime totals accurately reflect travel time.

As a shift is created, your default travel pay rate is saved to that shift so that any future changes to the default travel pay rate do not affect past shifts.

Travel Statements and Miles

If you are collecting travel time, you may want to customize the travel time statement to include your policy on when travel time should be recorded.

If you want to collect miles driven during the travel time, make sure Collect Caregiver Mileage is enabled in Settings under Care Notes.


Like the travel pay rate, you can set a default reimbursable mileage rate that gets used if Collect Caregiver Mileage is enabled in Settings under Care Notes.

As a shift is created, this rate is also saved to that shift. This rate can be edited on each individual time activity in the Payroll view.