Creating flexible shifts

Creating flexible shifts Shifts that don't have a specified start and end time

Add Flexible Caregivers to a Client

To create a flexible shift, go the the client's profile and then the Caregivers view. From here you can add flexible caregivers that will be able to work flexible shifts for that client.

After selecting a caregiver to add, you'll be given the option to apply a pay rate for any hours worked by a caregiver during a flexible shift. This pay rate is used to calculate how much a caregiver is owed for their time when processing payroll.

Caregivers can be removed from this list at any time by clicking the "•••" button next to their name and then clicking "Remove Caregiver".

Note: When using flexible shifts, the client's current location is used, as specified in the client's profile at the time of clock-in. The default bill rate is also applied for that shift, if a default bill rate has been set in the client's profile

Add Flexible Clients to a Caregiver

You can also set these flexible shifts from an employee's profile. This is useful if you onboard a new employee and want to allow them to work flexible shifts with multiple clients. Or, it serves as nice reference if you want to see what flexible shifts a caregiver could be working. To do so, go to an employee's profile, click Clients, and then click Add Flexible Client.