Creating Multiple Offices

Managing additional office locations

If you have multiple offices with your business, you can have each of them listed.


In the Settings area, under the Business Profile section, you can add multiple office locations by clicking Edit.


At the bottom of the list, click Add Another Office. Add the office address details and then click Review & Save. Then, click Save at the bottom of the Business Profile section.


Note that all of the offices will be displayed on the left-hand side and can be toggled on and off to change the view of who is associated with each office.


Note: In order to see each office as well as the associated clients and employees you must add yourself to that office.


To add yourself or any other employee to an office, locate the profile under Employees, go to the Employment section, click Edit, check the box next to the associated office, and then click Save.


Important: If you or other employees are unable to locate a client or employee, be sure to check what office you are associated with as well as the client or employee.