Creating plans of care

Putting together care plans for your clients

The Care Plan page contains Care Actions, which are assignments for your caregivers to complete when with care recipients. You can simply turn Care Actions on for every day, or get more detailed on how and when care should be performed.

Most Care Actions can be qualified with Perform, Assist or Self Care. You can add a frequency like "2 times" or specify that it needs done "as needed".

If no days are selected, the Care Action is served up everyday. Or, you can choose specific days. The same goes with AM/PM (no AM or PM selection means all day).

Vital signs have "notify office" capability where you can set a minimum and maximum notification threshold. Only Clinical Supervisors and Business Admins receive these notifications for vital signs that exceed their boundaries.

You can require caregiver notes, meaning they have to provide an explanation prior to completing or declining the Care Action.

If all else fails, add additional instructions that caregivers will see when performing care.

Create Custom Actions

The out-of-box Care Actions should cover your care plan’s needs, but if they don’t, you can always create custom Care Actions. At the bottom of the Care Plan, choose "Add Custom Care". From there, choose the care category and give it a name. You'll find some of the same options as the default Care Actions.

Require Care Results

At the bottom of the Care Plan is an optional checkbox that requires caregivers to complete or decline all Care Actions prior to clocking out of their shifts. We recommend using this sparingly, as it could cause unnecessary documentation from the caregiver (for when the care recipient has multiple caregivers per day).

Caregiver's View

Caregivers see Care Actions that pertain to their shift. If the shift is from a traditional schedule, e.g. 6:00am - 10:00am on Monday, the caregiver doesn’t see PM actions or actions that are only for Tuesday. If the shift is from a flexible schedule, they see all Care Actions for the current day.

Caregivers can either complete the Care Action or mark it as client-declined. They can optionally flag the care result which fires a notification your way. We recommend training your caregivers on what flagged care should mean, so it is consistently used.

Lastly, if a caregiver's shift isn't the first shift for that day, or if it overlaps with another shift, he/she sees the results from the previous caregiver. This is done to increase transparency between shifts, especially with 24/7 cases.