Creating traditional shifts

One-time and repeating shifts that have start and end times, a client, location, bill rate and caregiver once assigned

To create traditional shifts, go to the All Shifts view and click the "New" button in the top right of the calendar. Upon doing so, you'll be presented with a number of different options to help you create one or many shifts for a client that caregivers can later be assigned.

One-Time Shifts

The first decision to make is whether or not this is going to be a single one-time shift or multiple shifts that repeat over time. If you select One-Time Shift, then you just need to specify the start date and time for when you want your caregiver to clock-in as well as the end date and time for when the caregiver should clock-out.

Repeating Shifts

If you select Repeating Shift, then you need to specify not only the clock-in and clock-out time, but also how often you want that shift to repeat. Shifts can either repeat every day, every other day, every week on certain days, or every other week on certain days. By default, shifts created this way will repeat forever or until they are canceled. If you want to specify how long the shifts should repeat for, you can add an end date.

Client, Bill Rate, Location

Finally, select which client this shift belongs to, a bill rate that will be applied to the client's invoice once this shift is completed and reviewed, and a location where this shift is to be worked. Click Save once you are finished to create the shift.

Newly created shifts will appear on the calendar in the All Shifts view with the status "Needs Caregiver" where they can be assigned to a caregiver.

Note: You can also create a schedule by clicking on an empty space in a client's calendar. Doing so will pre-fill both the client and scheduled start and end times based on where in the calendar you clicked.