Customizing statements shown to caregivers and clients

Statements that explain abnormal vital instructions, travel time policies, and client and caregiver signatures

Business admins have the ability to customize a number of statements that are shown to caregivers as they work their shifts. Each of these statements can be disabled if you wish to not use them, or you can modify the statements to fit your business.


To do so, go to Settings and then Care Notes.

Travel Time

Caregivers see this statement when clocking in, if "Collect Travel Time" is enabled within Settings > Care Notes. You may want to put your one or two sentence travel policy here to remind your caregivers when travel time should be recorded.

Client Approval

Clients see this statement alongside shift times and the signature input when caregivers clock-out of shifts. This is what your clients are signing-off on.

Caregiver Time Accuracy

Caregivers see this statement when clocking-out of their shifts. This is what your caregivers are signing-off on.

Abnormal Vital Message

Caregivers see this statement when recording a vital that is abnormally high or low. When this statement is turned on, abnormal vital recordings will automatically get flagged. You may want to share your emergency protocol or on-call number here.