Data usage

How much data is typically used when downloading and using the app

The Careswitch iOS and Android apps use data for two purposes: downloading (updating) the app and using the app. If your mobile data plan is very limited, we recommend using WiFi as much as possible so that your cellular data can be used when it's needed the most.

Careswitch uses very little data compared to other popular apps. Where other apps are streaming video (high data usage), audio (medium-high data usage) and images (medium data usage), Careswitch is using data for textual information which consumes relatively little data (e.g. shifts, care plans, care notes, etc.)

Data Usage From App Download/Update

  • iOS: 10 MB

  • Android: 24MB

As a comparison, Careswitch's download size is much smaller than Facebook (iOS at 160 MB, Android at 46 MB).

Data Usage From Working a Shift

  • One shift: ~0.5 MB

As a comparison, you can work approximately nine Careswitch shifts using the same amount of data that it takes to stream one song from Pandora.

Data Savings

It's common to have questions regarding what is and isn't consuming data, so here is some additional information on how the Careswitch apps keep data usage to a minimum:

  • There is no background app refresh (no data is used when the app is not being actively used)

  • GPS collection does not use data

  • Push notifications consume very little data