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Editing Payroll Settings

Making changes to your pay schedule, travel and mileage rates, and your payroll plan

To make any changes to your payroll settings, click Settings.

You can edit for Pay ScheduleTravel Time RateMileage Reimbursement Rate, and Payroll Plan.

To make changes to your Pay Schedule click Edit. From there, you can change your Pay Frequency to either Weekly or Biweekly. After making your selection, you can select the first day that your employees would be paid on this new schedule.

Note: If you're looking for a new payday beyond the next month, come back when you're ready to reset to an earlier payday.

Additionally, Careswitch does not support non-Friday paydays. While you maintain the flexibility to choose between weekly or biweekly paydays, the payroll period dates and approval deadlines are enforced to ensure the best experience across all customers.

Please Proceed with Caution: When making changes to your pay schedule, please review all data carefully, as changes will take effect immediately upon confirmation. 

We recommend waiting to edit pay schedules until the start of a new pay period to not disrupt your current payroll.

Changes will delete any upcoming payrolls and create a one-time offcycle payroll to cover any potential gaps.