Documenting your shift through Careswitch is easy: find your current shift, clock-in, document care and clock-out when you are finished.

Find the Shift

The Shifts view shows your shifts for each day. Look for the client's name, location and the times if the shift has times.


Select the "Clock-In" button. This collects your location if requested by the office and shows the care plan to review prior to starting your shift.

Document Care

Once you are clocked in, view your care tasks to see what needs done. It is best to complete or decline care tasks as you do them, or when you have downtime with the client.


Make sure to clock-out prior to leaving the client’s location. Careswitch collects your location one final time then brings you through an end-of-care survey for you to document your shift and collect the client's signature.

Note: Careswitch lets you know when the app is gathering your location, and your location is only collected when clocking in and out of your shifts. This ensures that the app uses a minimal amount of your battery and that your privacy is preserved while off-the-clock. You can observe this behavior by looking for a location icon to appear in your phone's top status bar when beginning to clock-in, and then that icon immediately disappearing after successfully clocking in. Your location is only being gathered while that top icon is present.

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