The All Shifts bucket view is great for viewing shifts by their status (scheduled, in-progress, complete, etc.), but there may be times when you want to view those shifts in a more traditional calendar view. To do so, export the shifts as an *.xlsx (Excel) file.

The All Shifts view has an export icon if you are using on computer. This exports the shifts from all buckets depending on the current filter (day, week or month, caregiver and/or client). Every exported shift includes its scheduled time, status and assigned caregiver (if there is one).


  • Export all of tomorrow's shifts to review what is scheduled

  • Export all of next week's shifts for a caregiver, to share the schedule outside of Careswitch

  • Export all of next month's shifts for a client, to print and place in the living room care binder

Pro Tip: If printing the exported spreadsheets, make sure to print using landscape orientation for better weekly and monthly formatting.

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