When using the calendar in the All Shifts view, you can click on any of the shifts to view the shift details.

From this window, you can manage this shift in a number of ways. This commonly could be editing the shift's scheduled start and end times, cancelling the shift, changing the shift's location and more. There are also more specific actions that can be done depending on what the shift's current status is. For instance, if a shift does not currently have a caregiver then you can assign one. As another example, if a shift was missed then you can submit it as late on behalf of the caregiver. The shift's entire scheduling history is also displayed on a timeline at the bottom.

Adding Shift Notes

Shift notes are a great way to give your caregivers special instructions before they work the shift. When you add a shift note, it will be shown to the caregiver during clock-in. For example, you may want to remind the caregiver to do something while they are with the client or let the know that the client's family will be stopping by.

Cancelling a Shift

If a client's schedule changes and a shift is no longer required, then you can cancel that shift. Cancelling a shift is a better alternative to deleting a shift because it allows you to maintain a documented history of when and why that shift is no longer required. Not only will cancelling a shift notify any assigned caregiver of the change but that caregiver will also be able to see that the shift is cancelled on their own schedule. Furthermore, you can choose to undo the cancellation if it becomes necessary again.

Pro Tip: You can cancel multiple shifts at once.

Deleting a Shift

If you decide that you don't wish to cancel a shift but still want to completely remove it from the calendar then you can delete a shift by using the "•••" button in the top right of the shift details window.

Note: Shifts that are currently in-progress or completed cannot be deleted from the All Shifts view. Since those shifts now have associated Care Notes, to delete them shifts, delete the Care Notes.

Note: Deleting a shift is permanent action. If you delete a shift in error then you will need to create it again.

Deleting Repeating Shifts

To stop and delete shifts that are set to repeat, edit the shift using the "•••" button, select "Edit Shift", then choose "All Shifts", and set the end date for the schedule to today's date.

Note: After following the above instructions, it may also be necessary to delete the last remaining repeating shift individually if that shift is scheduled to occur today.

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