An update is available in the App Store.

  • New side menu to navigate between top-level views (Home and Settings) and Logout

  • Notifications view can be opened from the lightening bolt icon, located in the top right of the Home view

Home View

  • Carespaces are displayed as rows to increase findability

  • Carespace lists (Home and Archived) can be updated with the pull-to-refresh gesture

  • Performance enhancements when displaying a large number of Carespaces

  • Carespaces can be deleted from the Archived view


  • Supports the iOS swipe-to-go-back gesture to navigate to the previous view


  • Push notification badge count to properly reset

Web 1.3.5

The web application ( has been updated.


  • Sends confirmation email to employees when joining a business


  • Allows employee to sign up again if user did not get approved into the business the first time

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