The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

Current iOS and Android app users will be forced to update their app to this latest version if their app doesn’t auto-update.

Carespace Info

  • When creating a Carespace, multiple phone numbers can be used for the care recipient, labelled as mobile, home, or work

  • A care recipient can have multiple locations (e.g. home, hairdresser, etc), with the ability to mark one as the current location

  • A care recipient’s contacts further define the relationship (e.g. brother instead of family) and the care role as Medical or Financial Power of Attorney, Emergency Contact, and/or Payer

  • Each contact can have multiple phone numbers

Profile Settings

  • Users can change their phone number in Profile Settings


  • Fields that are required (e.g. care recipient first and last name when creating a Carespace) are marked with an asterisk (*)


  • Devices to stop receiving push notifications when a user logs out from that device

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