The web application ( has been with new Reports functionality.

Recent Reports

  • View Care Reports in chronological order by check-in time

  • Each Care Report listing contains the top-level information (client, caregiver, check-in/out times, and the shift status)

  • Shift status is either In Progress, Complete, or it contains Exceptions (declined or additional care)

Weekly Reports

  • View Care Reports by client and see Care Report totals for the current week and all time

  • The weekly care view shows Care Reports for all caregivers by week

Care Report

  • View the care details for each shift including the care that was completed, declined, additional, and care results that have notes

  • Export the Care Report as a PDF to save a hard copy


  • Add the calendar header (Sun, Mon, etc) to the iPad Schedule view

Web, Android 1.7.1

The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in Google Play.

Bug Fixes

  • Show caregiver’s name in Care Report results instead of current user’s name

  • Fix Reports back buttons to remember the previous view

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