The web application ( has been updated.


  • Caregivers no longer see the daily progress dials for each Carespace in Home or the Carespace Care view to prevent confusion between shift progress and daily progress


  • Schedule has been renamed Calendar

  • The Calendar displays In-Progress and Full Report counts like before, but selecting a day now takes you to Reports with a pre-filled date range filter

Care Actions

  • When completing Care Actions, add a flag to any result to notify the care management team

  • Care Results are automatically flagged if the action has notification boundaries (e.g. notify the office if the recorded temperature is below 96° F or above 100° F)

  • All users now need to Check-In to record care (not just Caregivers)

  • Check-In now includes the Care Tour, with a reminder at the end on where to find the full Plan of Care

Care Reports

  • New Care Action and Result layout to view what was specified in the Plan of Care, and what was done

Creating Care Reports

  • The best way to create Care Reports is still to Check-In from a Carespace, complete Care Actions, and Check-Out

  • If you need to create a Care Report for a previous day, go to Care in the Carespace, go back to your target date, and hit Add Report

  • Finally, there is a New Report or + button in the Reports view if you need to create a Care Report outside of a Carespace

Reviewing Care Reports

  • If Reports is filtered (not All Care Reports from All Time), there is a new Review Reports button to view multiple reports at once

  • Select All to view totals from the filtered reports

  • View the totals table by Care Recipients or Caregivers

  • Sort the totals table by person, In-Progress count, Full Reports count, Total Miles, or Total Time

  • Select a person in the totals table to only view their totals for the current filter

  • Select a person in the totals table to export all Care Reports for that person and Reports filter

  • Apply labels to multiple Care Reports at once

  • Cycle through Care Reports to quickly review each individual report

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent large mileage from being inputed (e.g. 900000000000 miles)

  • Display more precise mileage (e.g. 10.5 miles instead of 10 miles)

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