The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

To Do: Current iOS and Android app users will be forced to update their app to this latest version if their app doesn’t auto-update.

Care Actions

  • Food has been renamed to Meals

  • New Feed action

Care Reports

  • New Unpaid Breaks can be recorded in each Care Report

  • Total Time has been renamed to Billable Time (Billable Time does not include Unpaid Breaks)

  • Total Miles has been renamed Billable Mileage

  • Times are now shown alongside the Care Recipient Signature so they can see what they are verifying

  • The Care Recipient Signature now clears if a check-in or check-out time changes after the signature has been collected

Care Report Exporting

  • Exported Care Report PDF now fits a week’s worth of care per page

  • New Caregiver electronic signature statement

  • If user has Clinical Supervisor permissions, their signature can be added to the PDF when exporting (we recommend that the Care Reviewed label acts as official nurse’s signature per report)

  • Care Result totals are listed on the days that they were recorded


  • There is a new Clinical Supervisor permission that sits between Office Staff and Business Admin

  • Clinical Supervisors are able to create and edit Plans of Care, edit Care Results and receive flagged care push notifications

  • You now need to be a Business Admin to delete Carespaces and edit business settings (both were previously Office Staff)

  • has a full explanation of the permission levels

To Do Business Admins: apply the new Clinical Supervisor permission to users as necessary.

Business Settings

  • New Care Report statements that can be modified or turned on/off

  • Caregiver Time Accuracy statement is used during checkout and displayed next to the time inputs

  • Care Recipient Approval statement is used during checkout alongside the shift times and signature input

  • End-of-shift Care Documentation can be individually turned off for Mood, Pain, Continence, and Care Recipient Signature if the business chooses to not collect everything

To Do Business Admins: review the new Caregiver Time Accuracy and Care Recipient Approval statements to reflect the needs of your business. Rappora Company takes no legal responsibility on the statements that you use to verify time and care accuracy.

To Do Business Admins: review what Care Documentation is collected. We recommend that you do not frequently change these settings, as they effect all Care Reports for your business.

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