The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

To Do: Current iOS and Android app users will be forced to update their app to this latest version if their app doesn’t auto-update.

Care Report Labels

  • Care Report labels are now customizable in Settings by Business Admins

  • Each label can be disabled if you wish to no longer use a label, but not permanently remove all uses of that label

  • Add labels, delete labels, modify label text and label colors

  • Within Settings, for each Care Report label, determine which permission levels can apply which labels

To Do: Business Admins: review Care Report label permissions, e.g. “only Clinical Supervisors can add/remove Care Reviewed labels” if you want to reserve the Care Reviewed label only for your RNs, LPNs, etc.

Carespace Labels

  • You can now label Carespaces to categorize care recipients, e.g. by condition, payment method (reimbursement)

  • Just like Care Report labels, Carespace labels can be customized by Business Admins

  • Apply Carespace labels from the Info view of each Carespace


  • Home has been renamed to Carespaces

Bug Fixes

  • A user’s job title capitalization has been fixed, e.g. the Director of Nursing can now be “DON” instead of “Don”

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