The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in Google Play.


  • The Shift Check-Out button now makes sure that there is an Internet connection before proceeding

  • This prevents a rare bug where the Check-Out button would endlessly spin


  • Newly-created Care Reports for Carespaces with verified locations now show the caregiver’s GPS accuracy as a semi-transparent blue circle

  • This will help you determine if the GPS location was exact or estimated (by various means not within our control)

  • Geo-Fence sizes now increment/decrement in bigger intervals, for when a Geo-Fence needs to cover a bigger region


  • The Reports “Filter by Name” now includes employees who have been deactivated from the business’s Rappora account

  • The Care Report export 20 PDF page cap has been lifted; you should now be able to export all Care Reports for a week in one click (these exports can be big, so they may take a few minutes to download)

  • Fixed a bug with the signature pad, where the Check-Out button was remaining gray (disabled) even when there was a signature


  • Where employees were previously grouped by “Requests” and “Approved”, they are now grouped by “Pending”, “Active” and “Inactive”

  • Deactivating an employee removes them from all Carespaces and revokes their Rappora access (no Care Reports are affected)

  • Contact us if an employee was deactivated in error, or if that employee was rehired

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