The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

To Do:
Current iOS and Android app users will be forced to update their app to this latest version if their app doesn’t auto-update.

To Do Business Admins: review the new Care Documentations settings for Collect Client Mileage and Collect Caregiver Mileage, and turn on/off as necessary.


  • New guide to remind Clinical Supervisors to complete the Plan of Care and Office Staff to complete the Care Schedule

Carespace > Care

  • View assigned and completed care by shift (instead of day), now including the Care Report for each shift when caregivers check-out

Carespace > Info > About Recipient

  • The About Recipient and Plan of Care pages have been merged together, with the Care Schedule now as its own page

  • New gender field for all care recipients

Carespace > Info > Care Schedule

  • Create shifts by adding Care Schedules, which can be Individual or Repeating

  • All Care Schedules have a date/time, location, caregiver and Care Actions

  • Choose Current Location if you want the schedules to follow the care recipient’s current location, set in the Info header

  • Copy and paste Care Actions among schedules to easily keep care consistent

Carespace > Members

  • The Members List in each Carespace now shows caregivers who have been assigned to upcoming shifts and if they have an in-progress shift

  • Caregiver access is now controlled by the Care Schedule by adding caregivers to Individual and Repeating schedules, and by adding them to specific shifts in the Shifts view


  • Calendar has been renamed to Shifts

  • View shifts by month, week or day

  • Shifts are grouped into the following “buckets” so that shifts can be easily filled and care can be monitored: Call Outs, Need Caregiver, Scheduled, In-Progress, Complete, Missed and Canceled

  • For each shift, view and edit all shift information (date/time, duration, location, caregiver), and view the shift’s history as it moves between “buckets”

Performing Care

  • If specified in the Care Schedule, Care Actions can require caregiver notes to complete the action

  • We now required all specified Care Actions to be completed or declined before checking out of a shift, to ensure that all care was properly recorded

  • Billing Mileage has been split to Client Miles and Caregiver Miles, both requiring an explanation (admins can turn each mile collection on or off in Care Report Settings)

  • Check-in and out times are now rounded to the nearest 15 minutes, caregiver can’t edit their times when checking in and checking out

  • For the short-term, caregivers can still edit report times after checking out


  • If your caregivers collect mood during each shift, the previous Happy, Relaxed, Normal and Depressed have been extended with Sleepy, Confused, Irritated, Worried and Sad

  • Care Summary now requires at least four characters, to promote more detailed entry

  • Caregivers can no longer delete Care Reports

Settings > Address Book

  • Save shared client addresses to your business’s Address Book to prevent duplicate entry and geo-fence verification

  • Save an address to the Address Book when creating a Carespace

  • Add/Edit/Delete Address Book entries within Settings


  • New map colors to match the Rappora grays and blues

Android 2.0.1

An update is available in Google Play that includes a couple bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove caregiver from Care Schedule

  • Show timezones next to shift times

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