The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

To Do: Current iOS and Android app users will be forced to update their app to this latest version if their app doesn’t auto-update

Flexible Schedules

  • Rappora has a new type of scheduling: Flexible Scheduling

  • This new schedule type accompanies Traditional Scheduling

  • Where Traditional Schedules have start and end times (with one assigned caregiver per shift), Flexible Schedules have a group of caregivers who can provide care (with no specified start and end times)

  • Use Flexible Schedules if your agency uses an external scheduler (not the Rappora scheduler), or if you have certain cases like transportation or childcare that don’t have a pre-determined schedule

  • Flexible Schedules provide a similar experience to Rappora v1, but as this new type of scheduling is flexible with no start and end times, Flexible Schedules do not generate shift notifications (upcoming shift and late shift reminders, missed shift notifications, etc.)

To Do Administrators: contact us if you want to use flexible scheduling before it’s made generally available

My Shifts and All Shifts

  • The new My Shifts view shows the shifts assigned to you, with the quick actions to perform that shift

  • Caregivers only get the My Shifts view

  • Office Staff, Clinical Supervisors and Administrators can use both views (making it much easier for an Office Staff member to perform a scheduled shift)

Needs Attention

  • The My Shifts view has a big yellow Needs Attention button if you have recently missed shifts or old shifts that should no longer be in-progress

  • Tapping that button shows those shifts that need your attention

Care Plan

  • Care Actions have been moved from each Care Schedule to the Care Plan page

  • The Care Schedule page has been renamed to Schedule

  • Care Actions have been enhanced to let you specify days (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri) as well as when in the day (e.g. AM, PM)

  • Like Rappora v1, only Clinical Supervisors and Administrators can make changes to the Care Plan

  • Moving the Care Actions to a separate page minimizes dependencies between the care and scheduling teams when bringing on a new client

To Do Clinical Supervisors: review the new Care Plan in each Carespace to make sure the Care Actions were properly moved over from the Care Schedules

Performing Care

  • The requirement for caregivers to complete or decline all Care Actions prior to clocking-out has been removed

  • Instead, we show a confirmation in the first clock-out step that shows what the caregiver completed, what was declined and was was not completed

  • Times can be changed when clocking-in/out of a Flexible Shift

  • Like Rappora v1, caregivers can now see completed care actions from other caregivers if they aren’t the first to provide care to that client that day


  • Icons for shift notifications!

  • The second shift reminder for caregivers was moved from 3 minutes prior to 3 minutes after the shift’s start (caregivers still receive the first reminder 15 minutes prior)

  • The late shift clock-in notification to the care management team was moved from 6 minutes after to 15 minutes after, to reduce the number of notifications

  • Caregivers no longer receive notifications for when labels are added to and from their Care Reports (report labelling is now just for the office’s report processing)


  • In the list of Care Reports, each row now shows the recorded time for the shift (it used to show the scheduled time)

  • Both scheduled and recorded times are viewable in the Care Report


  • “Check-In” and “Check-Out” was changed to “Clock-In” and “Clock-Out”

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