The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

Rappora version 2.2.0 adds payroll and overtime calculations with bill rates and pay rates on every shift, generic time tracking (for admin hours) and improved payroll review capabilities.

To Do iOS and Android App Users: you will be forced to update your app to this latest version (2.2.0) if your app doesn’t auto-update. Make sure to do this prior to starting your next shift.

Naming Changes

  • Care Recipients are now Clients

  • Care Reports are now Care Notes

  • Care Actions are now Care Tasks

Care Note Labels

  • The Payroll Reviewed label is used to track how many shifts have been reviewed per pay period

  • As described below, a shift’s pay rate and hours are only included in total pay calculations once it has the Payroll Reviewed label

  • Requesting correction automatically applies the Correction Needed label

Settings > Payroll

  • There is a new Payroll Settings page to specify your pay period and overtime settings

To Do Administrators: defining your pay period and overtime settings is a requirement prior to using the new Payroll view. We recommend that you set your Pay Period Start Date to when you first started using Rappora, so that you can view those early pay periods when using the Payroll view.

Settings > Pay Rates

  • Set the master list of all available pay rates for your caregivers

  • Specify if the rates are hourly or flat (flat pay per shift)

  • Pay rates can be overtime exempt

  • You can inactivate pay rates if no longer in use

  • An employee’s pay rates can be customized in their profiles

Settings > Bill Rates

  • Set the master list of bill rates for your services

  • Specify if the rates are hourly or flat (flat bill per shift)

  • You can inactivate pay rates if no longer in use

  • You can set default rates within each Carespace

Team > Profile > About

  • There is a new Overtime Exempt option for each employee

  • Employees default to not Overtime Exempt

  • If Overtime Exempt, that employee will never have overtime hours and overtime pay in the new Payroll view

Team > Profile > Pay Rates

  • New Pay Rates page to add custom pay rates for each employee or turn off active pay rates from the master list in Settings

  • Choose a default pay rate to assist caregiver assignment in Schedules and Shifts

Carespace > Info > Billing

  • New Billing page to add custom bill rates for each client

  • Choose a default bill rate to assist schedule creation

To Do Office Staff: set up your bill and pay rate master lists now so you can start using them in each shift. It’ll be easier to do this up-front than retroactively applying rates to each past shift.

Carespace > Info > Schedule

  • There is a new Bill Rate step to creating and editing Schedules

  • The default bill rate is initially used, and you can also choose a different bill rate from the master list or customize the rate for just that schedule

  • Optionally save that custom bill rate to the master list

  • When selecting a caregiver, you can use their default pay rates or you can customize their pay rates for just that shift

All Shifts

  • View each shift’s bill and pay rates

  • You can edit both of those rates on the shift, but if the shift comes from a repeating schedule, you might want to edit the rates on the schedule instead

  • Caregivers do not see any bill or pay rates


  • This new view is for users with Office Staff and greater permissions

  • View payroll-related information for all employees broken down by pay period: shift total and how many shifts have the Payroll Reviewed label, total hours, overtime hours, total miles and total pay

  • Overtime and total pay both start at 0, and increase as shifts are labelled Payroll Reviewed

Payroll > Employee

  • View all shifts and time activity for each employee for a given pay period

  • Time warnings are available if the clock-in or clock-out is early or late

  • Time edit warnings are available if the caregiver edited their times after clocking out

  • Bill rate warnings are available if the bill rate less than the pay rate

  • Easily review each payroll item to have it count towards the overtime and total pay

Add Time Activity

  • From the Payroll > Employee view, add generic time activity for that employee

  • Optionally specify if the time activity was for a client, and if so, optionally specify a bill rate

  • Either provide a clock-in and clock-out time, or choose a date and the shift’s duration

  • Optionally specify unpaid breaks, a pay rate, client mileage and caregiver mileage

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