The web application ( has been updated. An update is available in Google Play.

Rappora version 2.3.0 adds an easier way to request care note correction and submit care note edits. All care note edits can now be approved or denied to ensure high care note quality.

Request Care Note Corrections

  • All users with Office Staff, Clinical Supervisor and Business Admin permissions can request Care Note corrections

  • From each Care Note, specify which fields need corrected with a brief explanation per field

  • Upon requesting corrections, the caregiver is notified and they see what needs fixed

  • The “Correction Requested” label is automatically applied, and this label can be used to filter Care Notes

Note: to remove a legacy “Correction Needed” label that was applied prior to Rappora version 2.3.0, request a correction for a field and uncheck the “notify caregiver” box. After that, immediately cancel that correction request by unchecking that field and again, don’t notify the caregiver. This will reset the Care Note’s correction label.

Submit Care Note Edits

  • Like before, caregivers can edit their Care Notes after they clock out, but now those edits need approved

  • The “Edit Submitted” label is automatically applied, and this label can be used to filter Care Notes

Approve/Deny Care Notes Edits

  • Only approved Care Note edits are included in the PDF exports

  • For each Care Note field that has an edit, you can view what was changed and either approve or deny that change

  • Caregivers get notified when their submitted edits are approved or denied

Care Note Advanced Filters

  • New Advanced Filters in the Care Note view: Flagged, Inside Geo-Fence, Outside Geo-Fence, Location Sharing Off

  • Shows both GPS pins if they are different (e.g. clock-in inside, clock-out outside geo-fence)

  • New filters will help you “let me review Care Notes that have flagged care results”, “show me Care Notes where caregivers changed their phone’s GPS settings mid-shift”, “give me all Care Notes where caregivers were outside the geo-fences”

  • New filters can be used alongside current filters for date range, client/caregiver, Care Note status, Care Note labels and Carespace labels


  • Show client (billable) miles during the clock-out step when collecting the client’s signature

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed link to resend email verification

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