The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

Naming Changes

  • Within a Carespace, the “About” view is now “Plan of Care” to better align with how we reference that information throughout the platform

  • The next view down “Care Tasks” is now “Tasks”

Monday - Sunday Week

  • Monday is the starting day of the week across the entire platform

  • This greatly reduces the number of PDF pages when bulk exporting Care Notes with a Monday - Sunday date range

Care Note Settings

  • Care Summary can be turned off so that it is not collected during each shift

  • Additional Care Tasks can be turned off so that caregivers can only complete Care Tasks that are in the Plan of Care

Care Tasks

  • In addition to “AM” or “PM”, each Care Task can be specified as “AM & PM”

  • The custom Care Tasks have the perform options (Perform, Assist, Self Care) and the frequency options (Number of Times or As Needed)


  • The iOS and Android apps have a new push notification sound to differentiate notifications from your standard emails, texts, etc.

Forgot Passwords

  • Instead of emailing a code that is then used to reset a password, we include a password reset link in each recovery email

  • Click the link in the password recovery email, create a new password, log in

Plan of Care

  • The Plan of Care shows the last person to have edited the Plan of Care or Tasks list

  • That person’s name, job title and date of edit is included in the Plan of Care view and PDF export

Care Note

  • In-progress Care Notes have a “Send Clock-Out Reminder” button that sends the caregiver a reminder push notification and email/text (depending on their notification settings)

Care Note Export

  • New electronic signature options when exporting Care Note PDFs to include the user’s signature who last applied the Care Reviewed label

  • The exported Care Notes have the clients name at the bottom of each page for scenarios when it has to wrap to two PDF pages

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure the “Copy Link” works in Chrome when inviting employees

  • Make sure Continent / Incontinent is a required field for caregivers when clocking out

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