The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

New in Rappora version 2.5.0 is multi-office support. By specifying which office serves each client and which offices each employee works with, this help you:

  • Only schedule caregivers who work with the same office as the client

  • Filter all primary views by office to view clients, shifts, care notes, etc. for some or all of your offices

  • If an office staff employee only works with one office, prevent them from seeing data and receiving notifications from the other offices

Note: as before, caregivers only see the shifts that are assigned to them. Specifying a caregiver’s offices primarily helps with scheduling and office filtering in the payroll views.

Note: you won’t notice any changes if your business only has one office.

Note: the Exports view is now empty and will be populated from here on out. If you would like an exported file previous to version 2.5.0, contact us and we can share.

To Do Office Staff, Clinical Supervisors, Administrators: caregivers don’t need to update their apps because the new office filtering does not affect them. If your business has multiple offices, make sure to update your iOS and Android apps to version 2.5.0 or newer to make sure you can access everything.

Settings > Business Profile

  • If you have administrator permissions, you can add multiple offices from the Business Profile view

  • You can add a name and three-character abbreviation to each office which gets used throughout Rappora

Note: only add additional offices if you want to operate out of multiple offices. Contact us if you need an office deleted.

Office Selection

  • If you have multiple offices, you can filter by office in a new vertical bar to the left of the screen in the Clients, All Shifts, Care Notes and Payroll views

  • If using the iOS or Android app, this can be found in the left navigation menu if currently viewing Clients, All Shifts, Care Notes or Payroll

  • Team and Exports views can be filtered by office in the Offices column

  • At least one office needs to be selected


  • When creating a new Carespace, if you work with multiple offices, we ask you to choose an office in the first step

  • View the Carespace’s office in the new Office column

  • You can change the office for a Carespace by selecting the “…” icon for the Carespace and then choosing “Change Office”


  • If your business has multiple offices, you can filter by office in the new Offices column

Team > Profile

  • If you have multiple offices, we ask you to choose offices when approving a new employee

  • If you need to change an employee’s offices, you can do so in their profile found in the Team view

Employee Reactivation

  • If you have previously deactivated an employee, you can now reactivate them when viewing Inactive employees in the Team view

Payroll Time Activity

  • When logging generic time for an employee that isn’t associated with a client, we ask you to choose which office the time is for

Bug Fixes

  • If a repeating schedule is 24 hours in duration (e.g. 8a - 8a), make sure the schedule displays “24h” and not “0h”

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