The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in the App Store and Google Play.

New in Rappora version 2.6.0 is invoicing capabilities. This allows you to create invoices for each billing period and make sure that all billable items get invoiced.


  • New top-level page is available to users with Office Staff and greater permissions

  • View invoice totals per client for a bill period or date range

  • View invoices per client for a bill period or date range

  • Create invoices with default values coming from your organization’s settings and the current bill period

  • Add reviewed time activity or generic expenses to each invoice

  • Export invoice PDFs individually or in bulk

  • Email the invoice directly to the payer

  • Track your invoices by their status: open, sent, paid or overdue

  • Each invoice has a history of its events

Care Notes

  • The “Payroll Reviewed” label has been renamed to “Time Reviewed”

  • This label is used on each Care Note, in the Payroll view, and now in Invoices too

  • The time and billable miles from a Care Note can only be added to an invoice once it has been reviewed

Carespace > Info > Contacts

  • Optionally add a mailing address to each contact

  • Add custom roles to each contact (in addition to Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Emergency Contact and Payer)

Settings > Billing

  • New bill period settings that determine your invoicing frequency

  • New invoices settings, including invoice numbers, mileage rates, payment terms, default invoice memo, default email message and email sending preferences

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