The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in Google Play.

Rappora version 2.6.1 includes new notification settings and a do not disturb mode, among other updates.

All Shifts

  • Shift importing improvements to support facility names

  • As a user with office staff or greater permissions, clock a caregiver into a shift and provide an optional explanation that gets added to that shift’s care note history

Care Notes

  • Optionally disable the collection of unpaid breaks for your organization

  • Require explanations when caregivers submit care note edits for changes to clock-in/out times and client/caregiver mileage

  • As a user with office staff or greater permissions, add a comment in the history of each care note, e.g. to document a response to a flagged care task

  • These history comments are only available in the digital care notes, as care note history is not included in exports

Team > Profile > About

  • Users with office staff or greater permissions can deactivate employees (was previously just business admins)

Team > Profile > Notifications

  • The notifications view in settings has been moved here, with additional options

  • Turn on or off each notification that you can receive, e.g. if you have clinical responsibilities and don’t care for shift time notifications, you can turn those off

  • Caregivers can’t turn off notifications

  • As a user with office staff or greater permissions, see which notifications other employees are receiving

  • If you are an admin, set notification preferences for any employee

Notification Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Set do not disturb mode from the notification side drawer in the web application, or the side navigation menu in the iOS and Android apps

  • Caregivers do not get do not disturb mode

  • When in do not disturb mode, your notifications will still show up in Rappora, you just won’t be alerted via email/text/push notification

  • Make sure to turn off do not disturb mode when you want to resume your notification alerts

Android App

  • Allow the Android app to use horizontal orientation on tablets

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