The web application ( has been updated. An update is also available in Google Play.


There are three places where you can upload and view documents. You can read more in the help article here.

  • Team Documents - upload files that can be viewed by all employees, depending on their permission level

  • Employee Documents - upload files to each employee’s profile, setting which users can view those files

  • Carespace Documents - upload files to each Carespace, again determining which users can view those files

Carespace > Info > Plan of Care

  • There is a new “Frequency/Duration” field in the Overview section

Carespace > Info > Medications

  • PillDrill reminders can now be edited in the mobile apps

Settings > Care Notes > Abnormal Vital Message

  • There is a new setting that shows a customizable message if a recorded vital sign is abnormally high or low

  • When turned on, this will result in an automatic care flag

  • This will help prevent caregiver input errors, and it it’s not an error, you’ll be able to instruct how the caregiver should report the vital sign recording

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