Rappora version 3.0.0 includes many scheduling enhancements, from preventing scheduling conflicts to visualizing your entire client and caregiver schedules.

To Do iOS and Android App Users: you’ll be required to update your apps to version 3.0.0 prior to using the app, if you don’t already have the 3.0.0 update.


  • The “Care” tab has been removed, as there are now better ways to find and act on shifts for office staff members

  • New “Quick Links” dropdown to easily jump to that client’s shifts, care notes and invoices

Carespace > Members

  • The members list is the new place to add caregivers for flexible scheduling

  • Instead of creating “flexible schedules”, simply add those caregivers to the members list and optionally set a pay rate for each caregiver

  • With this change, flexible scheduling will follow the Carespace’s current location, and there is only one list of flexible caregivers (the same as a previous flexible schedule being turned on for all seven days of the week)

Note Flexible Scheduling Users: use the members list (link located in the white bar to the right) to add and remove caregivers for flexible scheduling.

Carespace > Info > Schedule

  • New weekly visualized client schedule

  • Click a shift to view details or create new schedules here

  • Use the All Shifts view for advanced filtering (e.g. by day, month, shift status, etc.) and to take bulk actions (e.g. assigning a caregiver to multiple shifts at once)

All Shifts

  • The All Shifts view as been rebuilt so you can visually see your shifts

  • When completely “zoomed out”, we show shift counts

  • As you “zoom in”, e.g. filter by status, client or caregiver, then we show more details

  • Selecting a shift in the calendar opens a popup with the full shift details where you can take action on the shift, e.g. assign a caregiver, edit the shift times, etc.

  • If you’ve filtered by shift status and “zoomed in” enough, you can select multiple shifts and take bulk actions, e.g. assign a caregiver to 30 shifts in one click

  • Schedule importing and exporting is still done from the All Shifts view

Note Schedulers: you can still create repeating client schedules in version 3.0, e.g. shifts that repeat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The scheduling difference in version 3.0 is how you assign caregivers. It’s a two step process: 1) create the repeating schedule for the client and 2) assign caregivers to each shift that is generated. If you filter by that client and “needs caregiver” status, we make it easy for you to assign caregivers in bulk by selecting multiple shifts at a time.

To Do Schedulers: repeating schedules with an assigned caregiver got migrated so that the schedule remains repeating, but caregivers have been assigned to the generated shifts through the end of August. See the note above. Caregivers are no longer assigned to the recurrence logic; caregivers are assigned to the generated shifts, and you can do that to each shift or you can do that to multiple shifts at once.

Caregiver Assignment

  • When assigning caregivers, we now show distances between each caregiver and each shift’s location, so you can minimize travel time

  • We’re also now showing caregiver time conflicts, to prevent double-booking caregivers

My Shifts

  • The My Shifts view has been rebuilt to make it easier to see your schedule and take action on shifts that need your attention

  • The top half is a monthly calendar - each dot next to a day represents a shift, and the dot color represents the shift status

  • The bottom half is a list of shifts (e.g. complete, missed, scheduled)

  • You can view shifts for one day, or view shifts for the entire month, by tapping the selected day in the calendar

Team > Employee > About

  • You can now add employee mailing addresses

  • Once you verify the location (so the geo-point is known), we can show the distance between each employee’s home address and clients’ locations when assigning caregivers to shifts

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