Rappora version 3.0.4 adds travel time capabilities as well as caregiver reimbursement totals for if you collect caregiver miles and if you set a caregiver reimbursable mileage rate.

Settings > Payroll > Travel Time

  • New "Travel Pay Rate" that gets used as the default travel time pay rate for each shift

  • Editing the Travel Pay Rate doesn't affect any existing shifts

Settings > Payroll > Reimbursement

  • New "Caregiver Reimbursable Mileage Rate" that gets used as the default reimbursement rate for each shift

  • Editing the Caregiver Reimbursable Mileage Rate doesn't affect any existing shifts

Settings > Care Notes > Statements

  • New "Travel Time Statement" that caregivers will see when clocking in, if Collect Travel Time is enabled for your organization

  • Edit this statement if you want it to say something besides "Only record pre-approved travel time between shifts."

  • Turn off this statement if you wish to not display it when caregivers clock in

Settings Care Notes > Care Documentation

  • New "Collect Travel Time" option for if you wish to let your caregivers document their travel time between shifts

  • Collect Travel Time has been turned off for existing Rappora customers so you can turn on travel time when you're ready


  • If enabled for your organization, caregivers are prompted to input Travel Time when clocking into a shift

  • Each shift has its own Travel Pay Rate and Caregiver Reimbursable Mileage Rate which initially come from your organization's settings

Care Notes

  • After clocking out, caregivers have the ability to submit edits to Travel Time and just like the other fields, those submitted edits need to be approved or denied

  • Just like other edits to time and mileage on Care Notes, caregivers are prompted to explain submitted edits to Travel Time

  • Office Staff members can request Travel Time corrections just like the other Care Note fields

  • All Travel Time correction requests and edit approvals/denials are recorded in Care Note history


  • Travel Time and Travel Pay Rates are included in payroll totals and overtime calculations

  • View Reimbursement totals if your organization collects Caregiver Miles with Caregiver Reimbursable Mileage Rates

Payroll Export

  • The payroll export includes the new Travel Time, Travel Pay Rate and Caregiver Reimbursable Mileage totals

Payroll > Employee

  • When viewing payroll information for each employee, we now show the Travel Time data as well as a new modal to see Reimbursement calculations

  • You can edit each shift's Travel Pay Rate and Reimbursable Mileage Rate here

  • Travel Time can also be saved with generic Time Activity that's recorded from the payroll view

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