Business admins have the ability to configure what information is collected during shifts.

To do so, go to Settings > Care Notes.

Note: These settings affect all care notes, so change these settings sparingly. For example, if you used to collect the client's mood, and then you turn it off, past care notes will no longer show the client's mood. The data is preserved, but not displayed.

Note: The Payroll views show all time and mileage values even if you aren't collecting everything right now, to preserve payroll and reimbursement totals.

Clock-In Fields

Caregiver's GPS Location (Required when enabled)

If that shift has a set location, and if that location has a verified geo-fence, then we collect the caregiver's GPS location. An explanation is required if outside the geo-fence.

Travel Time (Optional when enabled)

This hours/minutes input is shown during clock-in. You may want to customize the travel time statement and make sure your default travel pay rate is set

Mid-Shift Fields

Additional Care Tasks (Optional when enabled)

Caregivers are presented care tasks during their shift that come from the plan of care, and you can let them record additional care tasks that are not specified in the plan of care. These ~60 additional care tasks are common tasks in non-medical home care.

Clock-Out Fields

Caregiver's GPS Location (Required when enabled)

Just like clock-in, the caregiver's GPS location can be collected when clocking out.

Client's Mood (Required when enabled)

This is a list of ~10 different moods where you are required to select one, but can select multiple.

Client's Pain Level (Required when enabled)

Pain level is collected with a slider from 0 to 10.

Client's Continence (Required when enabled)

Caregivers need to choose continent or incontinent prior to continuing.

Care Summary (Required when enabled)

This is a free-form text input. As this can be used for just about anything, it's best to include how the care summary should be used during caregiver training.

Unpaid Breaks (Optional when enabled)

Hours and minutes that get excluded from payroll totals.

Client Mileage (Optional when enabled)

Client mileage is for billable miles, and get used in invoices. When specified, caregivers are required to explain what the miles were for.

Caregiver Mileage (Optional when enabled)

Caregiver mileage is for reimbursable miles, and get used in reimbursement totals. When specified, caregivers are required to explain what the miles were for. If you are collecting travel time and want caregivers to record the miles driven during travel time, have them use this field.

Client's Signature (Required when enabled)

This is a signature pad where clients can sign with a finger. Caregivers can select "Unable to sign" if need be. We recommend covering this in caregiver training so everybody knows when it's acceptable to not collect the client's signature during each shift.

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