Business admins can configure pay period and overtime settings to match how your business operates.

Note: You'll want to configure your payroll settings right away, as any changes to these settings will affect past pay periods.

Pay Period

You can choose from a Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly pay period, and in doing so, a start date and time so we know a starting point for your first pay period. We'll give you a preview of a few upcoming pay periods to make sure you have picked the right start date.

Also, make sure your timezone is correct, as this timezone for your business is used in many places like scheduling.


You can set your workweek by choosing a weekly start day and start time. If you pay overtime before 40 hours have been worked in a given workweek, you can edit that value. Please contact us if you wish to pay overtime in any other way.

Note: If your overtime weekly start time is something other than midnight, and if your pay period is weekly or bi-weekly, you'll want to make your pay period start time match so overtime weeks exactly fit in your pay periods.

Note: If an employee is exempt from overtime, you can enable exemption in that employee's profile page in the Team view.

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