Time activities can come from two places: completed care notes and custom time activity. If you have Office Staff or greater permissions, you can view all time activities in the Payroll view.

All Employees

Payroll totals are viewable by pay period. You can select a past pay period, future pay period and we have shortcuts so you can jump to the current pay period.

Note: If your pay period isn't right, you can change that in payroll settings.

Across the top are totals for all employees. You can select any total to sort the rows by that total (e.g. you want to sort your employees by total pay for the selected pay period.)

Hovering over the informational "i" icons will give you a tooltip explanation of the total. If a tooltip says "When Time Reviewed", that means the total is made up by only time activities that have the Time Reviewed label.

Each row has totals per employee. If all time activities for an employee have the Time Reviewed label, then there is a purple checkmark in the reviewed column.

Per Employee

By selecting a row you can see payroll details for each employee. Like the top-level view, you can change the pay period, sort time activities by the totals header and view informational tooltips by hovering over the "i" icons.

Reviewing Time Activities

Each row is a time activity, and we show you everything that you need to review the time and mileage. There are time warnings if clock-ins/outs were early or late, and rate warnings if there are unusual bill and pay rates. There are also EVV geo-pins to quickly see if the caregiver was inside or outside the geo-fence.

Note: If the time activity is a completed care note, you can select the ". . ." menu and View Care Note to view the full care note (e.g. if you want to see the caregiver's GPS location, or the care note's history, etc.)

You can add the Time Reviewed label to time activities a few different ways. The "+ / - Labels" button lets you add any of the available labels. Selecting the Review button in the far right column adds the Time Reviewed label. Lastly, if you want to add a label to all time activities in one click, you can label in bulk using the button in the top-right of the view.

Note: You'll notice Overtime Premium, Total Pay and Reimbursements increase as you time review the time activities. If those values are smaller than expected, make sure all time activities have been reviewed.

Viewing Overtime Calculations

By selecting the clock icon next to Overtime Premium, you can see what workweeks ended in the selected pay period and if any overtime payment is due. Careswitch does all the weighted-average calculations for you, and shows you the resulting Overtime Hours, Regular Pay and Regular Rates.

Viewing Reimbursements

Selecting the clock icon next to the Reimbursements total will show a breakdown of each reimbursement due for the selected pay period. Reimbursements will show if caregiver mileage has been recorded and if the time activity has been reviewed.

Note: You can set a default reimbursable mileage rate in payroll settings. You can also edit that rate per time activity.

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