Normally, the Payroll view shows time activities that come from completed care notes and custom time activity. If you'd like to know what payroll could look like at the end of the pay period (if it's not a past pay period), then you can put payroll in projected mode.

You can view projected payroll at both the top-level view that shows totals for all employees, and when you are viewing payroll for each employee. This is especially useful to see expected overtime hours and pay.

To do so, open the date picker and switch the mode from Actual to Projected.

Projected payroll shows the same time activities from completed care notes and custom time activity, along with:

  • In Progress shifts (using the scheduled start and end times, not the clock-in time)

  • Missed shifts

  • Scheduled shifts

These projected shifts assume there is no travel time or unpaid breaks, as the projections are a simple forecast of what should happen if everything goes as planned.

The projected shifts have a "View Shift" button that takes you to the All Shifts view, filtered by that employee, so you can easily make scheduling changes as needed.

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