Users with Office Staff and greater permissions can record custom time activities for any employee. To do so, go to Payroll, choose the pay period, and select the row for that employee. Once there, select Add Time Activity in the top-right of the view.

Custom time activity is great for payroll entries that don't come from a scheduled shift, such as caregiver training, office visits, etc. Or, it can be used to backfill time entries for past shifts that don't need care notes.

If you choose a client when adding a time activity, then you can add a bill rate so the time activity can be added to an invoice.

Care notes and custom time activities have the same time and mileage inputs: clock-in/out times, unpaid breaks, travel time, pay rates, client mileage and caregiver mileage. If you need completed care tasks, GPS locations, client signatures, etc., then you should schedule a shift and have the caregiver complete a care note instead of adding a time activity.

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