Non-US Localization

If your business is not in the United States, we've updated your Rappora organization to reflect your locale. That means that dates, phone numbers and addresses are no longer defaulted to US formats.

Note: With this update, if your business is not in the US, you'll want to edit every address to set your current state / territory and you'll need to re-type each zip code / post code for them to properly be saved. Here are some of those places:

Bug Fixes

The client and caregiver search now works better in the Care Notes view.


We have made the caregiver assignment modal load faster by temporarily removing the preview of workweek hour information for each caregiver. When assigning a caregiver to a shift, this is where you would see the before and after hours for each caregiver. We're currently working on a more performant way to include this information.

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