Chat Status

You can set your chat status as online, away, offline or do not disturb at the top of the chat list. Other chat users in your organization can see your status, influencing how they chat with you. Your chat status also determines how you are notified about new messages.

Personal and Company Chat Accounts

Everybody has a personal chat account, and if you have Office Staff or greater permissions, you can chat on behalf of your company. This is most commonly used to broadcast messages.

Switching Chat Accounts

You’ll either see your name or your organization’s name at the top of your chat list, signifying the active chat account. Two switch between the two, select the megaphone/chat icon to the right of the status selector.

Company Chat Messages

The company chat acts as a “shared inbox”, where anybody with Office Staff or greater permissions can see the company chat history and can chat on behalf of the company. Where you can participate in channels and direct messages with your personal chat account, the company chat account is used just for broadcast and direct messaging.

Messages sent from the company chat account look slightly different than personal messages because the messages will have your organization’s name and logo. The messages start with the sender’s name in bold [First Last], so there’s full transparency to see who said what.

Each new employee account comes with an initial direct message between that employee and the company chat account. And, because broadcast messages are sent from the company chat account, replies to those broadcast messages come back to the company chat account.

Company Chat "Do Not Disturb"

When viewing the company chat account, you can set your notification preference that determines if you want notified about company chat activity or if you’d like to mute company chat activity through "do not disturb".

As a “shared inbox”, we recommend setting your company chat to do not disturb if you don’t “have the phones” and if incoming company chat messages are triggering too many notifications. Choosing “notify me” or “do not disturb” only affects you. We recommend that you coordinate who among your team is not on “do not disturb” to make sure new messages don’t go unnoticed.

Company Chat Unread Counts

As a “shared inbox”, if somebody reads a new message to the company chat, that new message will now be marked as read for all users that have access to the company chat account.

To know which direct messages have recent chat activity, reference the “last post” timestamp in each row. For example, “2m” means the other person last sent a message two minutes ago, “4h” means the other person last sent a message four hours ago, etc.

Note: Direct messages sent back to the company chat account are not included in the email notifications and mobile app push notifications sent from your personal chat account. Here's more information on configuring your chat notifications.

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