Users with Office Staff and greater permissions can create channels, join channels, add members to channels and start direct messages with any active employee in your organization.

As a Caregiver, you can only participate in channels if invited, and you can start direct messages with Office Staff members. Users with Caregiver permissions are not able to see or chat with other users with Caregiver permissions.

Internal Channels

Channels can be created for topic-based conversations. For example, you might want a “general” channel that is used for general company communication, or a “scheduling” channel for the scheduling team, “hr”, “finance”, etc. Channels are flexible so you can use them to fit how your company wants to communicate.

As internal channels, only active employees can join and participate. Internal channels can be public or private. Any active employee with Office Staff or greater permissions can join public internal channels. Private internal channels are invite-only. For example, you might want a “management” private channel that would only be visible to those in the channel.

Once you are in a channel, look for the “•••” icon to modify membership, rename the channel, leave the channel, etc.

Direct Messages

Direct messages are typically between two users, although you can start direct messages with up to eight people if you wish to chat in a group direct message instead of a private channel.

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