Sending Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messaging allows you to send one message to multiple people. It’s similar to using email BCC, where each recipient can’t see who else the message was sent to.

You can send broadcast messages if you have Office Staff and greater permissions. Simply switch to the company chat account, choose who should receive the message, type the message and choose if the message includes protected health information so optimal push notifications are used.

Your name will be attached to the broadcasted message. All replies will be sent back to the company chat account. Make sure your notification preferences are set so replies to broadcasted messages don’t go unnoticed.

Broadcast Groups

There are three ways to send a broadcast message to groups of people.

  1. Select a permission group when sending a broadcast message

  2. Create a groups of preferred caregivers in client profiles and select a group of preferred caregivers when sending a broadcast message

  3. Create custom groups and select a custom group when sending a broadcast message

To create custom groups, view the company chat account and select the new "Groups" button next to the "Broadcast Message" button. From there you can create groups and add people to use those groups.

Those custom groups will then be available for selection when sending broadcast messages.

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