You can customize your notification preferences to make sure you get alerted about new messages as you please. To do so, start by visiting your notifications settings page to set your defaults.

Desktop Notifications

We recommend that you use a modern browser on your computer like Chrome, Safari or Firefox so you can enable desktop notifications. You can make sure that desktop notifications are allowed in your notifications settings page, and once allowed, choose what you want to trigger those desktop notifications.

Desktop notifications are sent as long as Careswitch is open in a browser tab.

Email Notifications

You can enable unread chat email notifications in your settings page. This sends emails after a period of inactivity if you have new message. As protected health information can’t be sent through email, these emails are generic.

Note: If you don’t have the Careswitch app installed on your phone/tablet, we recommend that you enable email notifications because you won’t be receiving push notifications.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the primary way to know about new messages when using the Careswitch apps. You'll want to make sure that push notifications are enabled in your phone's settings app.

Channel Settings

In the “•••” options menu when viewing a channel, choose “Channel Notification Preferences” to customize notifications for just that channel. You can mute channels if you wish to still have access to them but not be notified of chat activity.

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