Client History

  • What was previously called "Client Status" has been made available in the Client > History view

  • This is a timeline of client profile changes and completed shifts

  • In Settings > Clients you can configure if caregivers can see client history when working their shifts, in doing so how many past days of history they can view and if they can see completed shift summaries from other caregivers

Current Customers: Your settings are initially:

  • Caregivers can see the last 7 days of client history when they work their shifts

  • Caregivers cannot see past shift summaries in the history

  • There will be no client history entries between 9/27/18 and 10/3/18

Client Schedule

  • The Client > Schedule view can now be see by caregivers when they work their shifts, if enabled in Settings > Clients

  • Additionally, in Settings > Clients you can determine if caregivers can see other caregiver names in the schedule

Current Customers: Your settings are initially:

  • Caregivers cannot see the client schedule while working their shifts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was causing Android and iOS apps to occasionally wrongly say "No Internet"

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