New in 3.2.0 is the ability to add electronic signatures to care plans by signing with your finger on touch-enabled devices, or with a mouse if using a computer. Doing so allows anybody to sign care plans for your specific needs, should that be your staff, clients, responsible parties, etc. With that comes with additional functionality like plan of care versioning and history (an audit trail of care plan edits and signatures over time).

Care Plans

The Plan of Care view in lead and client profiles has been updated to Care Plans where you can create multiple care plans per profile.

Setting the Active Plan of Care

  • One plan of care version can be marked as "active" per client profile

  • The active plan of care is used to determine what is presented during shifts, including which care tasks are used for the shift

  • The clients XLSX export also uses the active plan of care

Editing Care Plans

  • Like before, users with clinical supervisor or admin permissions can create and edit care plans

  • Once there's a signature, you can no longer edit the plan of care version (if you want to make edits, duplicate the plan of care)

  • You can customize the plan of care name when viewing it in the table, or when viewing the plan of care you can edit each section

  • The care plans have the same fields as before

Setting Care Tasks

  • The top-level Care Tasks view in lead and client profiles has moved inside each plan of care version

  • The same care tasks are available, but there's a slight change where you see just the tasks that are enabled

  • You can still create custom care tasks as before, as the last option in the list when adding care tasks

  • The option to require responses to all care tasks prior to clocking out is now in the top-level Care Plans page

Duplicating a Plan of Care

  • Duplicating a plan of care can be done in the "•••" options menu in the table (if you have clinical supervisor or admin permissions)

  • This copies the plan of care, and is a great way to make edits after a plan of care has a signature

  • The duplicated plan of care has no signatures so it's ready for edits

Signing a Plan of Care

  • A plan of care can have any number of signatures

  • In doing so, specify the name of who is signing and the date defaults to the current date

  • There's also a field for the signing person's title, which you can treat as "relationship" too

  • Signing locks in the supporting information for that plan of care version (identifiers, contacts, locations, etc.) so the document's content is preserved; future updates won't affect that plan of care version

  • Signatures are shown on the digital and exported PDFs

Viewing Plan of Care History

  • The bottom of each plan of care is a history of when it was created, updated, and signed

Exporting the Plan of Care

  • You can export care plans to PDFs like before

  • All signatures are shown, and there's an empty line at the bottom should you want to print and collect a physical signature

Working Shifts

  • There aren't any changes to working shifts; when working a shift you can view the client's info and reference the full, active, plan of care

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