Important changes coming to Careswitch
A letter from our CEO, Ilya Vakhutinsky
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Major changes are coming to Careswitch that will impact every user in the long-term. Before we discuss them, let me outline some context.

We’ve probably all seen forms of the impact that recent developments in AI can have on almost any aspect of life or work. Used properly, what’s now being offered through companies like OpenAI can fundamentally recalibrate the way home care agencies operate.

As our team has started to dig into the ways that AI can make life simpler for home care owners, we’re continually floored. We are convinced that home care is now at the edge of a seismic change in which AI handles much more of the administrative work, freeing up agencies to focus even more on the care itself.

However, building the tools to make this vision happen 1) requires us refocus our resources and 2) changes the economics of our offerings in ways that don't work well with our current pricing and growth strategy. We can’t do everything and still do them well.

We believe so strongly in the future of this new technology to change home care for the better that we’re going all in—and this entails us making some difficult sacrifices.

Here’s the rundown of the logistical changes affecting Careswitch users:

  • Our current agency management system will remain free to those currently using it. However, we’re turning off future signups and the current platform will only be available through the remainder of this year.

  • We will be providing support to free users only in the unlikely event of widespread bugs that disrupt critical functions within the platform.

  • No new feature updates will be made to the current platform.

  • Other changes will impact our payroll users specifically—if you are a payroll user, check your payroll tab in Careswitch for these updates.

  • A future version of the platform will become publicly available, likely later this summer, that combines the things you already love about Careswitch with new AI-powered tools.

  • This version will not be free and will likely be geared, both in pricing and in features, more toward the needs of larger agencies than the current platform.

  • When the new platform becomes available, current users that want to switch to it will need to manually move their data over or pay implementation fees for professional assistance to do so.

I’m aware that these announcements will be met with a variety of responses. While we’re convinced of the value this will bring to home care long-term, we understand the inconveniences and challenges this introduces.

More details on the game-changing technology we’re introducing will be available in coming days; in the meantime, we’re grateful for your patience and support.


Ilya Vakhutinsky
Co-founder and CEO of Careswitch

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