Update on changes to the Careswitch platform

Our new A.I. platform is available. The free platform will be turned off 12/31.

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Let’s talk about the future.

Several months ago, we outlined a set of major changes coming to Careswitch. This included a plan to gradually shift our resources from the existing system to a new, similar system that would be augmented by artificial intelligence.

Today, I’m announcing the next phase in these changes. Here’s the overview:

  • First, the first version of Careswitch’s AI platform is now available to all Careswitch users. We’re seeing very encouraging responses from early users and we’re as excited as ever about the ways that AI can help agencies run more efficiently.

  • The new platform starts at the minimum floor price of $15,000 annually, or $1250/month, increasing proportionate to agency revenue. We recognize that this is a drastic step up from our current price point of zero, and that it won’t make sense for many users. This price ensures access to a premium, industry-leading system. Due to high demand and support costs, we’re unable to negotiate.

  • The current free platform will remain in operation until December 31, 2023. Free users who plan not to upgrade to the new system should be aware that they will need to move to a new system by the end of the year. We’ve taken care to ensure that those who take this option will have ample time to do so.

  • For those who will plan to move to other platforms following these news, bear in mind that you'll need to export your data before 12/31. The platform includes several options to export necessary data, but it's up to you to ensure you migrate whatever data you need to your new platform.

If you’re open to the minimum price of $1250/mo. and want more information, fill out this form and add in the notes that you’re a current Careswitch user. In the event of high demand it may be several days before we respond.

Please read this thoroughly as it will answer most questions and refer to our previous communication as well.

We look forward to continuing to work alongside agencies to empower caregivers and ensure great care for those who need it.


Ilya Vakhutinsky

CEO of Careswitch

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