Finding care notes

Searching for specific care notes

Careswitch has simple, yet powerful, report filtering capabilities and that makes reviewing care a breeze.

Set Your Care Note Labels

Careswitch comes with a few report labels by default, and one of those is Care Reviewed. Business Admins can customize these labels if you want to modify report labels to fit your review process.

Filter Care Notes

You can view reports without filtering, but the filters help you reduce that "stack of care notes" to just the ones that need your attention.

First, set the date range. We have shortcuts to help you select the last seven days, but you can choose any date range. If you are reviewing care as it happens, set the date range to today.

Next, filter by "No Care Reviewed". You might want to check "Complete" to not see in-progress shifts. From there, you can sort the table, or further filter by care recipient or caregiver.

Review One Care Note

Select a row to view the report. Care Reports include everything that the caregiver did and documented. If the shift comes from a traditional schedule, you can see the scheduled times to compare to the recorded times. If the shift's location was verified, you can see if the caregiver was inside or outside the geofence, and you can see that on a map. The full care summary is shown, including the care recipient's signature.

Towards the bottom are the Care Actions that were completed or declined, showing when each result was recorded.

Every report also has history. Each time the report was edited, we show who edited it, when it was edited and what changed. The report history becomes really useful when auditing report times, seeing every change along the way.

From here you could add the label "Care Reviewed", or maybe a "Needs Correction" label to track its status as a visual reminder that something wasn't right. Through the top right "..." menu you can formally request a correction by sending that caregiver a message explaining what needs fixed.

Review Multiple Care Notes

Instead of reviewing Care Reports one at a time, set your filter and select the "Review Reports" button in the top-right. This multi-reports view is only available on tablets and desktops, and it allows you to see totals from every report from the filter. You can easily step through each report, like thumbing through a stack of paper.

Towards the top you can apply labels to all of these reports at once. The export button also includes all of the filter's reports, so you can export hundreds of shifts in one PDF.