Handling missed shifts

Changing caregivers, requesting care notes, completing the care notes yourself

A shift is marked as MISSED if no one clocks in before the scheduled end time. When a shift is missed, a notification is sent to the office team and you can take the following actions when viewing the shift's details.

Change Caregiver

You can assign or remove a caregiver if the shift was missed because of incorrect caregiver assignment.

Request Care Note

If the missed shift has a caregiver, this sends a notification to the caregiver reminding them that the shift is overdue and needs completed. If you request a care note, the shift remains missed until the caregiver submits a late care note.

Complete Care Note

If the missed shift has a caregiver, this allows you to complete the care note on behalf of the caregiver.

Note: When doing so, you can modify the care note times and end-of-shift data, but completing and declining care tasks must be done by the assigned caregiver.

What Caregivers See

The primary action for caregivers and missed shifts is "Submit Late Report" instead of "Clock-In". They can find missed shifts by either viewing previous days or using the big yellow Needs Attention button. Shifts are flagged as "Needs Attention" if they have been missed in the last 14 days. These care notes are marked with "Submitted Late" in red when completed, to assist the review process.

Note: Only shifts from traditional schedules can be missed.